The Horai, The Hours (edition number 5)



Original linocut print in white frame.
Oil-based inks on Italian paper.
Signed, titled, dated.
Limited edition of 27 prints, this print it the fifth in the series.
Size: 53cm x 43cm in frame. Size of image is around 40cm x 30cm.

These linocuts are the original artwork for the LP design for Pama International's soul album, "The Altruistic Soul Sound of Pama International Part 3"!

The inspiration behind them are the calendulas I saw growing in a community garden just off Priory Road in Crouch End, North London. I spotted them on a walk taken in the midst of the first Covid lockdown in the UK during which I discovered the garden for the first time. The orange flowers were so striking at a strange time. The limits imposed on our movements made the passage of time feel different, slower and expansive. The signs of new life in spring were everywhere and seemed brighter than usual but they contradicted the loss that we were experiencing as humans. I have tried to convey this sensation in this piece as well reflect the passing of time in nature.

Calendula flowers follow the sun throughout the day and their long flowering periods earned them their name (a relation to ‘calendar’). The piece is also named after the ancient Greek goddesses who maintained the order of nature, providing gifts of each season.