Lucy Lawrence Artwork

Past works

Goldcrest Ivy, reduction linocut print 2021

A commission for the birthday of a baby Ivy. Inspired by the folkstory of the gold-crested wren, celebrated as the king of winter, protecting nature through the times of limited resources. Goldcrests are known to use ivy and moss for their nests and within the story, the goldcrest uses ivy in protection against an attack from a robin (ruler of summer). 

The circular design of this print refers to both the goldcrests nest and the importance of ivy in the natural winter cycle. 

Microflora, reduction linocut print 2020.

Inspired by a walk near Ambleside in the Lake District. This piece is a close up of the mosses and tiny plants making up the side of the mountain. 

At the Lakes, reduction linocut print 2020.

This piece was also inspired by my trip to the Lake District and depicts friends and I getting caught in a summer storm. 

Pomegranates, reduction linocut 2020

A study of a cut pomegranate. Often depicted in ancient myths and folklore, pomegranates represent fertility, health, passion and prosperity.