Lucy Lawrence Artwork


Welcome and thank you for visiting. This site displays artworks available for sale that have been designed by myself, Lucy Lawrence.

I am a linocut printmaker and painter based in Bristol and mostly use oil-based inks, acrylic paints and watercolour paints. 

I am an archaeologist by education and training and specialise in prehistoric landscapes and environments, and the first farming communities in Europe. This has influenced the way I view humans within the natural world and is reflected in my artwork and sustainability policies. 

I take my inspiration from nature and focus on plants and scenes from such places as allotments, garden plots and wild flower meadows. In preparation for a piece I like to conduct research on my subject, so when I depict a plant, for example, I can draw upon any related folk stories, or use in traditional medicine or mythological associations. I am also fascinated by the relationships between humans and what they grow and by how plants can become incorporated into a household by fulfilling the role of food, medicine, decoration, spiritual representation and tokens.

If you would like to ask about commissions please fill out the form on  the contact page or message me through social media. If you would like to see more of my artwork that isn't yet for sale, please follow my social media pages where I post sketches, watercolours and images of commissioned works.