About Lucy Lawrence Artwork

Welcome and thank you for visiting. This site displays artworks available for sale that have been designed and handmade by myself, Lucy Lawrence.

I work mostly with oil based inks and paints, either printmaking or paintings. My work attempts to convey emotions from momentary experiences such as, cutting open a pomegranate or getting lost in observing the intricacies of mosses and microflora. I use pattern, colour and textures to express these memories of emotions. 

As a trained archaeologist specialising in prehistoric farming and environments, I find the connection between humans and their environments fascinating. Searching for connections between how we experience, manipulate and separate ourselves from nature in modernity and prehistory is a part of my job, past-time, and philosophy of life. Much of my artwork is an expression of the emotion behind this work.

If you would like to see more of my artwork that isn't yet for sale, please follow my social media pages where I post sketches, watercolours and images of commissioned works.