Lucy Lawrence Artwork

Environmental policies

I do not use plastics in my packaging and try to use either recyclable or compostable materials such as glassine covers instead. 

The oil-based inks I use for my linocut prints are 'safewash', meaning they do not contain toxic chemicals or need them to be cleaned up. They are also made and supplied by a UK based company limiting the carbon footprint.

I use papers that are either recycled or use FSC approved materials. For original artworks I feel it is important to use a quality paper that can be conserved, so this means non-acidic paper with a thickness that can withstand the many layers of inks that I sometimes use. When making digital reproductions I use local printers based in Bristol or the UK. 

I only create things that can be kept for a long time. The cards I create are designed to be kept as miniature artworks and so I do not put writing or festive titles on their fronts.

I am always looking for new ways to improve my environmental footprint and am happy to hear any feedback you may have.